Nearly Arundel



The Model Layout Plan

This plan later amended - mainly in the hidden sidings and access - please see the diary for details

The track plan closely follows Arundel Station in the late 1930s immediately prior to electrification. Obviously, and as we nearly always have to do, the station has been compressed somewhat. The point-work is however accurate in other respects apart from having to replace two points with a double slip off the loco run around bay and the crossover at the right hand end which has been added to aid operation on the model. An interesting feature of the station is the operation of the branch line (to Bognor Regis). Trains coming from Bognor used the up bay to discharge their passengers. They then had to reverse the entire train onto the down line, and pull into the down bay where the loco could run around its train and take on coal and water. Update November 2004 - having visited Arundel Station I discovered there is a trailing cross-over under the bridge and although I thought the line was straight from there it does have a right hand curve away from the bridge - so, more by luck than judgement the track plan is even more accurate than I originally believed!

And now imagination takes over

In 1938, when the line was electrified, the platforms were lengthened and the station lost many of its facilities. This unfortunately clashes with my preferred era (immediately post-war). So, I have exercised the usual modellers license and presumed that although the line was electrified, the Bognor Branch was not and goods traffic continued to have a high demand. This enables me to run Southern Railway, early and even recent BR stock on the layout and I plan eventually to run it in three different eras - although the scenic fixtures and fittings will not quite exactly match any of them!

Another "real-life" operational peculiarity that is of benefit is that on occasion, when the Brighton line is closed for works, trains between London and Brighton have been diverted via the Arun Valley line (having been trapped on one for several hours I know this to be true!) I have heard that similar diversions have taken place when lines to the West have been closed Certainly, however, this does give me an excuse to run my much-loved 5-BEL unit as well as many other combinations of stock and loco that might not normally have been seen on this line.


As these first two pages are being written, the baseboards have been completed and work just commenced on tracklaying in the area of the station throat. Sadly, progress will be slow as I am trying to build an 18ft x 9ft conservatory at the same time. You can follow my progress by following this link for the diary which will be updated spasmodically whenever significant progress has been made. This will include more detailed notes on construction techniques, problems encountered and, hopefully, their solutions. I hope you will enjoy this very slowly unfolding story of the model's progress.


The relevant entry in the diary on 13th March 2004 refers to some design changes and has a link to the page detailing these. You can also go straight there by following this link.