Nearly Arundel



The Revised Model Layout Plan

There is no significant change to the layout concept and the station itself remains substantially unaltered. Details are as follows:-

  • Looking firstly at the station you will see a small change at the lower side adjacent to the cattle dock to match the actual base-board shapes! This is only a scenic change and should have little effect in that respect.

  • At the right hand end of the station you will note that the pointwork has been changed to reflect the revised layout for the hidden sidings. This has moved the crossover back somewhat between the platforms. Since they will now be visible these points are now 3 ft radius.

  • When building the layout I discovered that there was, in fact, room to use two points at the exit to the bay run-around as in the prototype. This is visually more satisfying as well as accurate and freed up the double-slip for use as described below!

  • At the bottom of the layout the junction has been changed considerably to access the new hidden sidings. It incorporates a double slip - not very prototypical for a main line (but not unknown in the prototype) thus serving also as a cross-over. The "pure" continuous run is now largely clear of the hidden sidings making just playing trains (and, yes, I do sometimes!) a lot easier! In addition all of the hidden sidings are now accessible from all main line tracks which makes them far more useful.

  • The revised plan now gives a minimum radius of 2 ft (previously as low as 19" in one or two places) in the hidden areas while retaining a minimum of 30" in the visible areas. This may well have benefits in the use of improved couplings going forward.

The revised plan can be seen below.