Nearly Arundel



Scenic work continues and some backscenes made and fitted

Posted Saturday, 13th November 2004 at 22:24:44

More progress has been made on the scenery and part of this can be seen in Gallery 2 again.

Both sides of the river/road embankment have now been "vegetated" together with a substantial portion of the low hills to each side. Part of this has included a different technique for the grass as I wished to represent a grazed field. For this the scenic grass matting from Gaugemaster was used and after the addition of a few clumps made from plumber's hemp has proved to work well.

Some hedgeing has been set in together with fencing and telegraph poles. The former is made from a strip of rubberised horsehair with a dark green scatter applied. (The scatter used is of the "full bodied" variety made, I understand, from sorbo rubber). A backscene has been made up and installed.

The latter was produced using a digital camera thus avoiding overtaxing my limited artistic abilities. Quite simply a series of pictures were taken of local downland with a 4 Megapixel digital camera ensuring the camera was panned evenly and there was a small overlap between pictures. The pictures were manipulated on a computer (largely adjustments to brightness and contrast to make them appear more distant), and each was also duplicated as a mirror image and all were then printed out on A3 paper (this could also be done on A4 although there would obviously be more joins!). These were then trimmed to match, with the rightmost original image at the centre and its mirror image abutting it and then moving out in each direction. These were pasted onto a hardboard support and the end result is quite pleasing.

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