Nearly Arundel



Slow but sure progress and some design changes

Posted Saturday, 13th March 2004 at 22:05:26

With looking after a friend's shop while she was on holiday and continuing work on building the conservatory, progress has been slower than I would wish - but nonetheless, substantial.

Most of the station trackwork and the approach as far as the bridge at the "bottom" of the layout has now been completed, wired up and tested.

After the modifications to the lifting baseboard which was going to hold the bridge it was found that track alignment had altered substantially from the original plan. This had a knock-on effect on the hidden sidings which were, in any event, the least satisfactory part of the design. A number of design changes were made as a result.

These greatly improved the hidden sidings (at least so far as I am concerned!). Please follow this link to see details of the changes.

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