Nearly Arundel



Work continues as and when time permits (i.e. spasmodically).

Posted Monday, 2nd February 2004 at 21:55:22

Three separate aspects of the layout are being pursued simultaneously. While this might seem strange I find that I can usually do this in the early stages of layout construction and as a result do the job I feel most like!

One aspect, the track-laying has made little progress as I wanted to get some more permanent layout wiring in place for testing purposes.

The second aspect, therefore which has absorbed the most time, has been the design of the wiring diagram and the building of the control panel. Information about will be placed on a Wiring and Controls page in due course (it will take me some time to pluck up the courage to record MY version of model railway electrics!).

The third item is not so much a stage as a separate but related project - the building of an Ian Kirk 2-BIL EMU with the excellent Branchlines detailing and motorising kits. Further details of this project, and the next, a 2-HAL EMU from the same source will form the subject of other pages at a later date.

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