Nearly Arundel



Baseboards completed

Posted Friday, 31st October 2003 at 21:23:05

This saw the completion of the baseboards. Construction methods were very conventional utilising 50mm x 26mm planed timber frames surfaced with 6mm MDF board. This is not a lightweight construction but sturdy, and portability was not a major issue.

I would stress that 6mm MDF does require substantial bracing to prevent it from sagging - but certainly no more than using the traditional "Sundeala" board. Baseboards are joined by 3 in coach bolts through the facing abutting frames and secured with butterfly nuts.

The two lifting sections are both hinged on blocks raising three inches above baseboard level using brass flap-back hinges. When down their alignment is secured by further flap-back hinges with the pins removed and replaced by 1/8" steel rod with a bent loop in it to allow its easy removal.

They are supported at the "free" end by a timber ledge extending out from beneath the frame of the baseboard they join at that end. As the plan shows it is intended that the blocks on both of these will be concealed by removable overbridges in due course.

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