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Notes on how to solve a screw-up! And web-site improvements

Posted Wednesday, 04th January 2006 at 23:19:41

After the long interval with no work on layout or website, I have suddenly managed two days on both!

My original plans today called for working in the garden - but the weather conditions were unsuitable. So, instead, it was back to the layout in the afternoon, and completing the first phase of web-site improvements in the evening.

So .... what have I done?

The very first thing was the discovery that I could no longer gain comfortable access to the underside of the baseboard where I was laying the entry points to the hidden sidings. This, of course, made fitting of point motors and wiring extremely difficult.

Partial dismantling of the layout was not a desirable option - as I have said before - it is designed to be transportable if necessary, not portable.

My solution? I actually cut out part of the baseboard top (the 6mm MDF) with a jigsaw and laid the pointwork on it and fitted the point motors. The next step is to be the wiring. I have already laid some cable with enough freeplay to allow work on the temporarily removed baseboard surface.

So far as the website is concerned, I have been doing some work on it over the last few weeks and have now implemented the first change. This is the conversion of the diary into a database format which will make it more manageable from my viewpoint and also, I hope, easier for you, the reader to use.

I have also made some layout changes which should mean that the menu remains consistent and visible irrespective of what pages you are visiting. I will be more than pleased to hear any comments.

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