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A whole year has passed with little progress

Posted Tuesday, 3rd January 2006 at 22:55:48

Yes - I'm afraid it has been a year since the last entry. Sadly this does pretty well reflect the work done on the layout.

2005 was "one of those years" being predominantly taken up with problems with my 93 year old mother. Now, I am pleased to say, largely resolved but the year gave me very little opportunity to do anything.

If you bear in mind that during the period up until the previous entry, not only was I building the layout, but I also built an 18' x 10' conservatory and carried out some fairly substantial landscaping work the contrast between the two years has been substantial.

At last, though, work has recommenced. All of the pointwork at one end of the hidden sidings has been laid and the other end marked out. I expect these to be completed and the loops themselves laid and the wiring installed over the next few weeks. More photos soon!

Several regular visitors to the site have contacted me regarding the lack of progress. I would like to thank them for their continuing interest and their good wishes. Hopefully, they, and newcomers, will find the site worth revisiting on a regular basis again now.

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